Shawn Rene Celebrity Health Fitness Expert!

Shawn Rene Celebrity Health Fitness Expert!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Shawn Rene Natural Health Novemeber Cancer Prevention Tips!

Shawn Rene Natural Health Novemeber Cancer Prevention Tips

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Ignite, Breath, Speak, Life, Health, Love & Joy into Others Lives! ~ ShawnRene
Shawn Rene’s Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Holistic Nutrition, Health, Holistic Sports Nutrition, Fitness Breast Cancer Prevention Tips:

It is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I’d like to share some information that is sometimes overlooked when women talk about breast cancer… Here are some things you should know about this disease:
1.Increased exposure to estrogen can raise breast cancer risk.  Exercise helps decrease circulating levels of estrogen in the body.
2.  Smoking and second-hand smoke increase the risk of breast cancer. This is another great reason why we should not smoke and not tolerate second hand smoke either.
3.  Eat Organic!  The major difference in Organic produce to Commericial produce lies in the difference in the use of Pesticides & Commericial Fertilizers.  Commercially grown fruits & vegetables have more pesticide residues than Organic varieties.  Also, compounds like Nitrates (which can be converted into Cancer-producing chemicals) are more prevalent in Commericially grown produce.
4.  Rid Your Body of Pollutants Ten Fast Ways to Reduce Pollutants
Eat less meat, get free range beef, chicken, turkey & eggs
Eat more Organic Vegetables & Fruits
Peel off or wash commerical produce
Eat more fiber
Drink more Purified Water
Don’t drink any tap water or beverages made with tap water
Don’t use Aluminum & Plastic in Cooking
Organic produce will generally contain higher amounts of essential minerals becuase of crop rotation.  Commercially grown crops are often not rotates in different soils, but are grown over and over in the same mineral depleated soils.  This is why extensive use of fertilizers are required for these crops.  Organically grown produce has been shown to have up to three times more Minerals & Trace elements than Commerical produce.
Studies also show that beneficient plant chemicals called Phytochemicals are higher in Organic Produce.  Many of these Phytochemicals have been linked to reduced Cancer risk.  In addition to the numberious Cancer Preventing & Health Benefits, Orgnic Food also has a much better taste!
Health Reasons To Eat Organic
Fewer Herbicide Residues
Fewer Insecticide Residues
Fewer Fungicide Residues
Fuwer Toxic Metals
Fewer Nitrates
Many More Essential & Trace Minerals
NO Hormones
AntiCancer Benefits of Cruciferous Organic Vegetables
Protect DNA
Increase detoxification
Block Chemical Toxicity (Aflatoxin)
Prevent Cancers of the Breast, Prostate, Lung, Throat, Stomach & Colon
Foods High in Cancer Preventing Protease Inhibitors
Fruits- Bananas
Nuts- Oil & Seeds
Legumes – Chick Peas & Soy Beans
Barley, Rye & Oats
Substances Vital to DNA Repair
Vitamins, B3, B6, B12                                       
 Folic Acid                                       
Low-fat Diets are less damaging to DNA
Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium

Significance of Vitamins
Vitamins are one of the two groups of substances classified as micronutrients (the other is minerals) that are essential in human nutrition.  Vitamins are organic, meaning they contain the element carbon and are found in plant and animal substances in small amounts.  We obtain them by eating the plants and animals that make them.  Most vitamins cannot be manufactured in our body; exceptions are some of the B Vitamins, which can be made by our intestinal bacteria, and occasional biochemical conversions from a precursor to the active form of the required vitamin, as when beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A.  Vitamins help convert carbohydrates, proteins & fats to more bioavailable or metabolically useful forms.  Vitamins function principally as coenzymes (in collaboration to enzymes) for a variety of metabolic reactions and biochemical mechanisms within our many bodily systems.  Each enzyme is specific to one biochemical reaction.  Enzymes are catalysts, they speed up specific chemical reactions that would proceed very slowly, if at all, without them.

We cannot live on vitamins alone but need specific foods that provides energy and helps from the actual tissues of our body.  In fact, we need food and certain minerals to best absorb any vitamin supplements we take.  Vitamins are essential for growth, vitality, and health and are helpful in digestion, elimination and resistance to disease.  Depletions or deficiencies to specific vitamins can lead to a variety of both specific nutritional disorders and general health problems, according to what vitamin in lacking in the diet.
b; Shawn Rene Zimmerman

The Health Benefits of  Exercise are Numerous. Below is a list of some Highlights to Motivate You!
  1. Resistance training has the potential to improve muscle strength and endurance, enhance flexibility and body composition, decrease risk factors for cardiovascular disease and improve glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity;
  2. There is a strong inverse relationship between physical fitness and mortality due to all causes;
  3. Incidence of all forms of cancer is closely related to the lack of fitness. Unfit men and women are nearly 300% more likely to develop cancer;
  4. A moving body maintains and improves insulin function;
  5. Exercise increases overall white cell counts in the blood. This includes lymphocytes, interleukin, and neutriphils;
  6. Exercise strengthens immunity and improves resistance to all kinds of damage including bacteria, viruses, toxins, and radiation.
  7. Exercise prevents fat build up in the coronary arteries of the heart;
  8. Weight training does not only increase the metabolism, but it builds muscle and preserves bone mass. A 21-year study from the University of Helsinki, Finland, involving more than 3,200 men, showed that those who exercised vigorously in their 40s and 50s were much less likely to sustain hip fractures than men who were sedentary. Even moderate exercise offered some protection.
  9. Exercise helps relieve the symptoms of depression.
The list goes on. Study after study confirms this. The right exercise should be the cornerstone of any health building program. As I have shown, it helps regulate hormones, increase metabolism, increase bone mass, lower cholesterol levels, increase the immune system. To me the answer is clear. Exercise and physical training is not an option. It is a must. It is time to build a Healthy Body!
Positive health requires a knowledge of man’s primary constitution and of the powers of various foods, both those natural and those resulting from human skill. But eating alone is not enough for health. There must be exercise of which the effects must likewise be known. If there is any deficiency in food or exercise, the body will fall sick. Hippocrates – 5th Century BC
The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, in the cause and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison

November Movember Shawn Rene Supporting Mens Health

Shawn Rene Helping to Bring Awareness to Men’s Health & Fitness teamed up with Movember.  Shawn Rene is helping bring Awareness to Mens Health & Fitness.  The Movember Effect: Awareness & Education, Survivorship, Research The Movember tribute supports prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Movember – a global movement Since its beginnings in Melbourne Australia, Movember has grown to become a truly global movement inspiring more than 1.1 Million Mo Bros & Mo Sistas to participate with formal campaigns in Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, the UK, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa and Ireland. In addition, Movember is aware of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas supporting the campaign and men’s health cause across the globe, from Russia to Dubai, Hong Kong to Antarctica, Rio de Janeiro to Mumbai, and everywhere in between.
No matter the country or city, Movember will continue to work to change established habits and attitudes men have about their health, to educate men about the health risks they face, and to act on that knowledge, thereby increasing the chances of early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment.
In Support for Movember, Men’s Health & Cancer Prevention Below are My Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Natural Health & Nutrition Tips!
Shawn Rene’s November Health, Exercise Science, Nutrition Cancer Prevention Tips:
The Super Eight Food Groups: A Diet to Defeat Cancer
More then 2,000 years ago Hippocrates, a Greek physician know as The Father of Medicine realized the vital link between diet & disease.  It’s astonishing to the point of regret that it has taken over two millennia for Western medicine to seriously investigate how diet can be a deterrent to disease.
“Your Food shall be your Remedy.  Let Food Be your Medicine & let Medicine be your food” – Hippocrates, Greek Physician
To Medical researchers the discovery of vitamins, along with their absolute necessity to Health, was one of the greatest scientific achievements of the 20th century.  Vitamins in the classic sense are vital factors for sustaining life.  A diet lacking a single vitamin or essential mineral will result in disease & eventually death.

The modern food industry centers its efforts on processing food by mashing & grinding it, and then caking & baking, toasting, roasting, pasteurizing, sterilizing, and evaporating it until what is left is a meal stripped clean of protective agents.  They then add a medley of stabilizing agents, flavor enhancers, thickeners, leavening agents, emulsifiers, humectans, sweetners, preservatives, and coloring agents.  This food is alian to our systems & does not resemble anything close to organic whole food.  Processed foods contain little fiber which, in turn, suppports a multimillion-dollar industry for fiber supplements.
Why Overprocessed Food Is Unhealthy ~Processing strips away anticancer agents like Glutathione that cannot be obtained from any other source in your diet. ~Toxic products are formed by high heat processing ~Processed food forms unnatural amino aicds (lysinoalanine) that are toxic & known to disrupt the manufacture of DNA. ~Heating can form antinutritional products that interfere with utilization, absorption, transport & digestion of Nutrients. ~Plant fibers is degrated & removed from many food products ~Irradiation of food is very controversial process. Studies show that split products (so-called radiolytic products) are toxic in animals. ~Minterals are lost.  Food processing techniques also strip important mineral contents. ~Fat is added.  Processed foods have high levels of trans-fatty acids & other oxidizied fats that are linked to causing heart disease & cancer. ~Excess sugar is added to processed foods for taste. ~Non-nutritive sweeteners used in some processed foods are linked to increased brain cancer & hyperactvity in children. ~Processing of food is known to form substances that cause allergies.

 Dietary factors other then vitamins & minerals play an even more crucial role that traditionally acclaimed vitamins.  Antioxidents 300 times more powerful then vitamin E have been found in beans, soy products, and seed oils.  And recent experimental studies concur that switching from the traditional Japanese diet yields a subsquent rise of colon & prostate cancer, hallmarks of the affluent diet.    Another Cancer Combatant is Chlorophyll, the Green Pigment found in dark green plans and a necessary component of phytosynthsis.  Chlorophyll & related compounds are recognized as being responsible for most of the antitoxic activit of certain vegetable extracts.  For example, charbroiling food creates compounds that attack DNA, yet chlorophyll blocks the toxicity.  If you consume foods rich in chlorophyll during a meal of charbroiled meat, the chlorophyll blocks formation of toxic agents.  Fill your diet with cancer-crushing mixtures & your DNA will be less likely to get sliced, diced & pulverised with above normal mutations.
Eat Whole Organic Foods rather then quick-cooking processed foods.  Fresh is better then frozen & frozen is better then canned.
The Super Eight Food Groups:
1.  Onion Group – onion, garlic, asparagus Anticancer, antioxident, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, lessens allergies & asthma, protects from heart disease
2.  Cruciferious Group – broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower
3.  Nuts & Seeds – pumpkin seeds, seasame seeds, walnuts
4.  Grass Group- corn, oats, rice, wheat
5.  Legume Group – soybeans (tofu), green beans & peas One serving of soy each day can keep cancer away!  Because soybeans are excellent source of portein, they have been consumed for thousands of years.  In East Asia soy forms a significant part of the diet, starting from early childhood.  And in Asia, incidence of breast cancer and colon cancer is considerably lower in the West.  Vegetarians who consume soybean-based products in place of meat also have lower rates of breast cancer & colon cancer. An exciting study recently showed a 50 percent reduction in breast cancer among women who consumed only a fraction of an ounce of soy protein every day.  Among the edible legumes, soybeans contain the highest amounts of saponins.  Soya saponins are a diverse family of cancer zaping chemicals, which are structurally similar to the primary chemopreventive ingredient in licorice.  Saponins, which are toxic to tumor celss, inhibit DNA synthesis in tumor celss, therby decreasing tumor cell growth.
6. Fruit – citrus fruits & berries Anti-inflammatory, antiallergy, anticancer, antiviral, anti-tumor, antioxident, prevent tumor cell invasion
7.  Solanace Group – tomatoes, potatoes
8.  Umbelliferious Group – carrots, celery
More November Shawn Rene Health, Fitness, Exercise Science Exercise Physiology, Sports ]Medicine, Exercise, Fitness Tips!
Yoga Is Powerful “Medicine” for Your Heart
Stretching & breath work of yoga is not only de stressing & revitilizing but also strengthens your heart. Scientific Research has found that just three yoga classes a week can cut episodes of Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)—by half! This is huge news since these abnormal heart rhythms affect roughly 2.2 million Americans.
To get their findings, the researchers compared atrial fibrillation episodes and quality of life among 49 patients. For the first three months, participants engaged in the physical activity of their choice. Then, for the next three months they engaged in a supervised yoga program, which included meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation. The yoga experience was new to all the participants. The participants wore heart rate monitors to measure their heartbeats throughout the trial—and yoga beat other forms of exercise, cutting episodes of A-fib by 50%! Yoga had a significant impact in helping to control heartbeat and  arrhythmia episodes. What’s even more interesting is that the participants found that yoga drastically improved their quality of life, and significantly reduced anxiety and depression.
Plus, yoga—which is something I practice regularly myself—has other benefits as well. It helps you stay flexible and strong, and injury preventing & increases circulation, reduces stress, reduces blood pressure and calms the sympathetic nervous system.
Candid Photo after Workout & Yoga Workout at My Family & I’s Winter Vacation Home on Island of Aruba Beach
Educating & Motivating You to Live in Peace, Health, Strength & Joy Inside & Out!
Stay Tuned for More Updates & Health Tips!

Cancer Prevention Awareness

Celebrity Health & Fitness Expert. Cover Model. Fitness Magazine Cover Model Voted  The Top 100 Fit Models in the World, National & World Fitness Champion, TV Fitness Model.  Celebrity Trainer. Exercise Science Specialist. Sports Medicine Specialist. Nutrition Specialist. Positive Motivator

Cancer Prevention Awareness Charity Events

I am very passionate in Todays Youth & Children’s Health & Fitness
I am a supporter of the St Baldricks Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Event in DC.
St Baldricks Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Charity Event I have taken part in, in Support of Pediatric Cancer Research: Celebrity & NFL, MLB Event. I was Honored to be a part of a organziation that I am so passionate about & honored to be Featured Celebrity Health Fitness Expert, Fitness Cover Model, featured at the Event for a cause that i am very Passionate in to make a Positive Impact & Difference in! 
I am very Passionate about Children & Youth & Promoting Health & Fitness in their Life!  Promoting a Lifetime of Health & Fitness!
Candid Photos from the Pediatric Cancer Research Event in DC.

Since the first St. Baldrick’s event, five principles have directed the Foundation in its quest to Conquer Kids’ Cancer:
Integrity – Awareness of the great trust constituents place in us as stewards of the funds they raise and as partners with them in the fight against childhood cancer – guides us every day.
Efficiency – A commitment to always operate in the most cost-effective manner possible so that the greatest number of dollars raised goes directly to fund childhood cancer research.
Transparency – A pledge to be completely open with our volunteers understanding that it is only through their support of St. Baldrick’s that we are able to continue our vital mission.
Pioneering Spirit – A unique approach to fundraising that is bold and daring - the same qualities we look for in the doctors and researchers dedicated to finding the cure.
Sense of Fun – An experience that is both rewarding and fun, that people come back year after year, joining together to have a great time while supporting a very serious cause

Cancer Prevention Awareness Charity Events

  • October is Cancer Prevention Awareness, i am very passionate in Educating & Motivating others in Prevention of Cancer & Healthy & Fit Lifestyle.  Supporting Breast Cancer Research & Susan G Komen for The Cure – i enjoyed taking part in a Susan G Komen for The Cure Health & Fitness Dance Event!

Friday, October 12, 2012

International Sports Medicine Association Convention

International Sports Medicine Association Convention

  I attended the yearly International Sports Medicine Association Convention September 29-30 in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am very passionate in Health & Fitness, I have my BA in Exercise Science & hold a double Certification in  Sports Medicine, one by the National Academy of Sports Medicine & other by the International Sports Medicine Association.  I took part in the intensive two days of 16 hrs of Sports Medicine Yoga Training.  It was extra special as i grew up in a Fitness Family & my mother did the Yoga Convention with me!  

As well as being a Cover Model, TV Fitness Model, Celebrity Health Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, I also enjoy teaching Yoga & creating unique Fitness classes.  I teach Fitness Class i designed called, "The Skinny Jeans Workout" which is a combination of innovative unique exercises that i created to have you look & feel your absolute best in your Skinny Jeans! My Skinny Jeans Fitness Class is combo of Weight Training, Classical Ballet, Pilates, Yoga, Speed, Agility. I also teach Dance, Weight Training, & Cross Fusion - another Fitness class i created done on the Track & Football Field combo of my favorite major conditioning total body, abs, sprint, speed, agility, plyometric, on the Track & Football field, NFL & Olympic Style. I am very passionate in Health, Fitness, Exercise Science, Sports, Sports Medicine & Yoga.  My passion is to make others feel Happier, Healthier on inside & out! Working out is revitalizing for the Mind, Body & Soul.  I want everyone who trains with me to feel Revitalized  Electrified & Refreshed! The harder you train the more essential injury prevention techniques need to come into play.  Yoga is excellent for muscle recovery, muscle relaxation, de stressing & invigorating the body! I really enjoyed taking part in the convention!

Epic Sports News! USA's International Man of The Year!

 Making USA Olympics & USA proud, Michael Phelps is named GQ Russia, International Man of the Year!  Michael Phelps Honored on the Cover of GQ Magazine

Michael Phelps Crossing over into Golf!
Photo: Me and Bill Murray on the bridge at 18 on the Old Course at St. Andrews

~Somewhere Over The Rainbow...~ Phelps Flies! 
Michael Phelps makes USA proud as the most decorated Olympian of all time - with 18 swimming golds to his name & he's also an amazing golfer too.
Michael holed the longest putt ever recorded on TV from more than 150ft (50 yards) at the famous Dunhill Links Championship in Scotland.
His effortless skill was showcased on Friday at the Kingsbarns course, six miles east of St Andrews, where he proved his sporting prowess extends well on to dry land. 
Photo: Epic day!

Photo: Our 3rd Annual Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic was a great success this year!  Thank you to all of our sponsors and participants this year!  More pictures to come!

Michale Phelps was named the Top 49 Most infludential Men of 2012 Ranking at #12.  He is a Positive Role Model Athlete, making USA proud, standing for excellence & making a positive difference in todays youth.


"Growing The Sport of Swimming &

 Promoting Healthy & Active Lives!"

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

2012 London Olympics Epic, Golden & History Making!

London 2012 Olympics was a huge success for USA & USA Swimming! USA Swimming's Michael Phelps making USA proud with the most medals in any Olympic event in Olympic history! USA got to see USA Swimming's Ryan Lochte kick off the first Olympic event in the Olympics 2012 with a Gold for USA in the 400im.  This was just the beginning of the history making!

This was my favorite summer with all of the excitement of the Olympics! It makes it very special for me, as i worked with some of the USA Swimming Olympians on their Nutrition for their preperation for the 2012 Olympics.  I love working with USA Olympic athletes, I am very passionate about it.  Sports Illustrated Sports Man of The Year Nominated Athlete & Professional Athlete USA Swimming Olympic Gold Medalist, Nike Athlete, Cullen Jones who i have been his Exercise Phyiologist, Sports Medicine Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, working with him on his Nutrition since 2010, brought back major bling to USA! He won Gold & two Silver medals for USA! I couldn't be more proud of Cullen he has worked so hard for this!  He is an ingredible athlete with outstanding character.
Cullen Jones, Ryan Lochte, Nathan Adrian, and Michael Phelps (l. to r.) of the US pose with their silver medals in the men's 4x100 meter freestyle relay victory ceremony during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Aquatics Centre.

August 21, 2012 Cullen Featured in Teen VOGUE!
Talking his Fashion aspirations & Make a Splash Foundation:
Teen Vogue

Teen VOGUE Article:

Olympic Swimmer Cullen Jones on Pursuing Rio 2016 and a Career in Fashion

After nearly drowning at age five, Cullen Jones enrolled in swimming lessons as a safety precaution. Years later, he's one of the best swimmers in the world and a four-time Olympic champion. Cullen knows the importance of giving back, and he's stepped up as the spokesperson for the USA Swimming Foundation's "Make a Splash" initiative, which promotes water safety education programs. Post-London, he's using his newfound free time on dry land to cultivate his interest in fashion. How do you follow the excitement of winning three medals at the Olympics? By sitting front row at New York Fashion Week.

 Cullen Jones in US Weekly Magazine - NY August 13th US Weekly Office & Magazine & Video shoot showing his BLING he won for USA, in US Weekly Magazine August 13th! "It's an amazing feeling to come home with all these medals," American swimmer Cullen Jones said during an August 13 visit to Us Weekly's New York City offices.
Wearing his two silver medals (from the 4x100-meter freestyle relay and the 50-meter freestyle) and his gold medal (from the 4x100-meter medley relay), the handsome 28-year-old athlete admitted he felt a strong sense of personal victory this time around.
"Blood, sweat and tears went into it, and for me to be able to come home -- and to be able to bring hardware home with me! -- is definitely a blessing. I'm very happy with my performance," he said. "I definitely never lost hope that I had a shot."
During his stay in London, the New York native was overwhelmed by support from his family, friends and fans -- even if it arrived at odd hours. "It wasn kind of funny because of the [time] delay. At 2 o'clock in the morning my phone was going off. People are saying, 'Great swim! Great swim!' and I'm like, 'I am sleeping! It's the middle of the night,'" he told Us. "But I'm so thankful for everyone who was behind me and a part of Team Jones."
Cullen Jones visits BET's "106 & Park" at BET Studios on August 13, 2012 in New York City.
Cullen Jones visits BET's "106 & Park" at BET Studios on August 13, 2012 in New York City.
Now that he has a little downtime, Jones is entertaining the idea to appear on a reality show like fellow Olympic swimmers MichaelPhelps, 27, and Ryan Lochte, 28. "I could do the Bachelor or Dancing With the Stars. I know Michael and Ryan are talking about being a part of it, and I think I would be good on it, too," Jones said.
(Phelps will appear in Season 5 of the Golf Channel reality TV show The Haney Project; Lochte will make a cameo on the fifth season of The CW's 90210.)
To see what else is in Jones' future -- from his work with the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash initiative to his plans for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

 Above Photo: Cullen at NYC office August 13, 2012 for Essence Magazine

Cullen Jones in NYC August 14, 2012 Visiting GQ Magazine Headquarters
Cullen Jones August 14, 2012 at GQ Headquaters in NYC
When Cullen Jones is not winning gold medals he is doing great work with USA Swimming & Make a Splash Foundation! Learn more about Make a Splash Foundation at:

 Ryan Lochte & Cullen Jones Pre Olympics in France

Cullen Jones & Ryan Lochte Celebrate Olympics  


This is truly a History Making Golden Olympics! Olympian, USA Swimming Professional Athlete & World Swimming Champion & Speedo Athlete, (Above Photo) Tyler Clary who i am his Exercise Physiologist, Sports Medicine Specialist, Nutrition Specialist & have been working with him since 2010 on his Nutrition, at his first Olympics he won Gold in the 200 backstroke & broke Olympic record! Tyler Clary is now a Olympic Gold medalist and Olympic Record Holder in 200 backstroke, Tyler clenched first in front of defending Champion, Ryan Lochte. In addition to being an Olympic Gold medalist, he is also a professional DJ. He was the featured DJ at the Athletes Celebration in London. He is also a professional race car driver as well as a designer and engineer for car and builds PC's from scratch.   I could not be more proud of Tyler! He is one of the younger male Olympians & to win Gold & not only did we win Gold but he also broke an Olympic record! Tyler has incredible drive & work ethic.  I have enjoyed working with him on his Nutrition for his preparation for the Olympics!

On The Olympics Podium with their Medals after swimming 200 backstroke, Making USA Proud Tyler Clary winning Gold & breaking Olympic Record & Ryan Lochte winning Bronze

Olympic record breaker & Gold Medalist Tyler Clary of the United States celebrates with bronze medallist Ryan Lochte of the United States following the medal ceremony for the Men's 200m Backstroke final on Day 6 of the London 2012 Olympic Games

E!TV Features: USA Swimming Olympian's  Cullen Jones, Ryan Lochte, Tyler Clary, Matt Grevers, Nathan Adrian Celebrating in London!

                                         E! TV Interview Bruce Jenner Interviews Tyler Clary

Our PMG Olympians unite! Bruce Jenner interviweing Tyler after his big Olympic Win on E! News!
Candid Behind The Scenes Photo: Bruce Jenner interviews Tyler Clary for E! News!
Tyler Clary on The Today Show with Matt Lauer

Olympic Gold Medalist's Tyler Clary on The Today Show with Olympian Aly Riseman
Photo: USA Olympic Gold Medalist Tyer Clary, who i work with on his Nutrition, on the Today Show after his USA Swimming 200 backstroke Gold Medal Win & OLYMPIC Record! Jumping in air with Olympian Shawn Johnson on Today Show! 
USA Olympic Gold Medalist & Olympic Record Holder Tyler Clary jumping for Joy on the Today Show with Shawn Johnson

I could not be more proud of Tyler Clary & Cullen Jones, they have worked hard, made History & have made me proud & USA

August 15, 2012 Tyler Clary attends the premier of Hit & Run Movie in LA
Kristen Bell and Tyler Clary - Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Hit & Run" - Red Carpet

Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Hit & Run" - Red Carpet Actors Dax Shepard, Bradley Cooper, Olympic Swimmer Tyler Clary and actress Kristen Bell arrive to the premiere of Open Road Films' "Hit and Run" on August 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Kristen Bell and Tyler Clary - Premiere Of Open Road Films' "Hit & Run" - Red Carpet
Olympic swimmer Tyler Clary, actor Dax Shepard and actress Kristen Bell arrive to the premiere of Open Road Films' "Hit and Run" on August 14, 2012 in Los Angeles, California